Distant Witness


  • Protesters used the #Feb14 to launch the uprising in Bahrain, protesters occupied a busy roundabout called the Pearl peacefully.
  • 2011_Bahraini_uprising_-_March_(9)
  • In the early morning hours of February 17th the a tweet went out saying the riot police are firing at protesters, i was 3:23 am and most of the protesters were sleeping, there were many women and children were trapped in a cloud of tear gas.
  • Bahraini_uprising
  • Over the next few weeks the police fired assault rifles into crowds of protesters, killing dozens of men, women, and children.
  • The daughter of a human rights activist started a hunger strike saying she will not eat till she is having a meal with her family that was arrested for being part of the protest and had a strong belief that Bahrain’s leader needed to be extinguished.
  • zainab331590588-500x500 Zainab_Bahrain_pro_3091458b
  • Unfortunately the government won and her father was sentenced to life in prison by the military court for his involvement in the uprising. He started a hunger strike of his own that lasted about 2 months till he was force fed by prison guards.
  • Although the Bahrain government still has the upper hand, thousands of protesters still return to the streets of Manama, the Capital city, with demands for more reforms and the release of the political prisoners captured in protests.
  • Carvin ends the chapter with this quote “and every so often, you can see these protesters wearing masks- masks of the daces of the imprisoned AL-Khawaja Family” (the family imprisoned for protesting)

Andy Carvin was able to capture key moments in a protest against the Bahrain Government by simply tweeting and re tweeting pictures and posts by the people actually involved in the protests. The story told in tweets gives viewers a live look into what is happening in Bahrain and why the protesters are protesting. The tweets give both prospective of politicians and activists showing both sides of the story, and not showing any bias. It is pretty clear to me that the Bahrain government needs a complete reform to give its citizens there basic human rights.

My questions for Andy are: what ever happened to that family, and how do you think your tweeting effected the demonstrations in Bahrain?


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