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Al Ritchie does an excellent job in her “Lets Go To Rio Blog” giving specific insights on not only the events going on in the Olympics, but also ways to get around and places to see. She also include an official countdown and a way for spectators to secure tickets. Her blog in whole is a great beginners guild to navigating the Rio Olympics and provides a lot of insight on the beautiful city in which the events take place. Here are some of my comments below:


To be completely honest with you the São Bento Monastery looks like the most beautiful church I have ever seen, i feel like you could spend an entire day admiring the beauty of it. Every little detail looks perfect! I don’t know the proper educate behind bringing a camera into a church, but if you do visit this Monastery PLEASE take some pictures to share. I also really enjoy the overall beauty of all of the photos of the beaches, cities and landmarks. Rio looks like a beautiful place to visit, especially for such a big event. I really enjoy how you incorporated a picture with each one of the places to visit. It keeps the reader engaged and excited for the next place to visit on the list. You also provide enough information about each place to visit so that you are not reading paragraph after paragraph, it is a nice little passage and then you move on. Overall, this is a great blog post and it really makes me want to goto Rio myself.

Mosteiro de Sao Bento
Mosteiro de Sao Bento


Al I really like the use of the rage comic with your countdown. Your post is short but to the point and you give a nice link to olympic countdowns. I believe that a countdown is a good way to keep track of both the time you have to prepare for the trip and also it provides a great buildup to all the anticipation you’ve had for this exciting trip to Rio. I cannot wait to see your posts and pictures from the Olympics!!!!


I really like how you first set out to warm the reader about the dangers of buying tickets from sites like eBay. Your first hand experience helps to discourage anyone from getting scammed on olympic tickets. I also like how you linked to the sights to buy tickets for North America as well as the authorized seller list for other countries. I think it is pretty cool that you are going to the events that aren’t always given the best coverage on TV (at lest in the US) like table tennis and water polo. The comment on the ping pong ball going 100mph is very true. Seeing live events must be a surreal experience and you first hand insight and tips helps the reader get prepared for the Rio Olympics.


Al I like how you gave all the transportation options in RIo. It is also helpful that you provided travel times and rates to really plan out your trip. I did not know of all the dangers associated with sketchy vans and cabs (scary!!!). To someone who is going to Rio this summer, this is a very helpful post. Try to link to some of the companies and specific schedules of the Metro (if available yet) for the specific events.

If you are planning on attending the Rio Olympic Games, Al’s Blog is a great place to start!!



One thought on “Let’s Go To Rio Blog

  1. Jesse, a good, appreciative post. You point out specific details and let Al know what is working and why. Watch your grammar – capitalizations. And you use the words “like”, “really” and “also” quite a bit. Attention! Overall a good effort for your midterm and helpful for Al. PM

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