5 Things To Bring To The Hockey Games

1. Warm Clothes

If you have ever been to The BACC, where Northland College Hockey Games take place, you know it is quite frigid. During Hockey season the temperature in the rink is usually below 30 degrees, you may want to wear an extra layer just in case you get cold. There is a heated snack bar area, as well as, a warm bar area upstairs, but if you want to be close to the action you will need to be bundled up. Many students wear gloves and hats, and a scarf is not a bad idea either. It is also recommended that you bring a blanket to sit on, because the stands are concrete and very cold!

2. Bring Your Cheering Voice

Nothing inspires the players on the NC Hockey team more than fans at our games. The fans provide an extra burst of energy when the team needs a jumpstart. They also provide a psychological advantage for Northland Hockey. Screaming, cheering and cow bells are a great way to encourage the players and rattle (get in there head) the opposing team

3. Show Your NC Pride

It is encouraged that you wear blue and navy to the NC Hockey games. There is apparel for sale in the student store on campus if you need blue and orange. Make posters, dress like a lumberjack, paint your face, and be a little rowdy. This will all add to the upbeat atmosphere for games on Friday night.

4. Have A Warm Beverage

It is imperative that you stay warm at the Hockey games. If you get too cold you will not be as load cheering and you might not be enjoying yourself anymore. A warm beverage will help you stay comfortable and keep you screaming throughout the 60 minutes of the game. BACC allows for students to bring in there own drinks, so if you want to bring a drink from home, feel free.

5. Bring Your Camera

Part of the fun in going to sporting events on campus is taking pictures with your friends and of the action. This season we are encouraging fans to share pictures and tweets from the game with the #NCHockey. We also encourage fans to post pictures on our blogs and comments from the game. If you would like a picture to be featured on a blog post, please submit it via email to dililj718@myemail.northland.edu



6 thoughts on “5 Things To Bring To The Hockey Games

  1. As a student that hasn’t been to a NC Hockey game in a long time, this is great! I’m already prepared for the winter to come, but it’s always a strange feeling to be cold inside. I can’t wait to go to the games and take some photos! Thanks for adding that social interaction by giving us have photo submission email.


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