Pre-Season Grind

Another pre-season has kicked off with a bang. Workouts at 6:30am, class all day, and an 8:15pm skate and hour and a half away in Superior WI. Although The Boys are going to lose some sleep tonight and be exhausted in the morning , the sacrifice is worth it. There is no better feeling then stepping on the ice after a long day of workouts and class and being able to clear your head of everything going on in your life. Some of them have papers, labs, and exams due tomorrow at 8am but that’s not what they are thinking about. There skates are tied, sticks are taped, and the Zamboni is finishing its final lap; the first step onto the fresh ice is what they have been waiting for all day.

Yes you are a student athlete, but this is your passion it is what keeps you going every day, just knowing you are going to be on the ice with 32 of your brothers all working their bags off for a common goal. All the while knowing that in a few hours they will be on there way home, back to the reality of having class, homework, workouts for 4 days till the get to touch ice again. The Pre-Season is a long grind, but when the puck drops on October 31 at the Bay Area Civic Center in Ashland Wisconsin, it will all be worth it!



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