Keeping up with The Boys!

While searching the internet for Division III Hockey blogs, you continually find the same thing: Rankings for the year, a couple weekend recaps, and who won nationals. What happened to making personal connections and posting things with a little more depth? If you search the internet for division 3 team blogs you come up empty handed (not entirely, 1 or 2 no longer active). The fact that there is not a place for division 3 athletes, fans, families, and others who just enjoy the sport, to get together and share ideas is pretty unfortunate.

Fortunately for the Northland College Men’s Hockey team, there is such a place. Welcome to the 2015-2016 Northland College Men’s Hockey blog!! This blog is going to provide an in depth look at NC Hockey starting with the preseason grind and continuing till the season ends in 2016. My name is Jesse DiLillo, I am currently a senior on the Men’s Hockey team and I am happy to provide a unique perspective inside of Division III Hockey in the NCHA, specifically at Northland College. This blog is being created for the Social Media Applications class at Northland and will be updated weekly with both player bios and an inside look at what “The Boys” are up to.


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One thought on “Keeping up with The Boys!

  1. Jesse, Good job on the “About” page – and with widgets and making your blog visual. You did not do the assignment of analyzing another blog – so lost points there. Make sure you are reading 31Days to Build a Better Blog when you are doing your assignments. Everything is laid out there. PM


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